Software Services

CODOHOLICS is a software application development company that converts the requirements of customers into technical applications. This conversion helps in effective and smooth running of everyday functions. Transforming creativity into technical strategies is what keeps this software development company so ahead in the race.

In today’s times, technology and software play an important role. We, at CODOHOLICS, firmly believe that the right technology can improve efficiency, increase revenue and cut down costs. Our software application development company helps our customers enjoy these benefits by providing the right technology for their business.

Application Development

CODOHOLICS provides you applications rich in technology. These applications will be developed after a detailed understanding of your requirements has been received. Each application will be customized on the basis of customer requirements.

We provide following application development services -

  • Application design, development & integration
  • Systems integration or consolidation
  • Implementation of packages
  • Providing feasibility and requirement

Application Maintenance and Support

CODOHOLICS firmly believes in providing effective customer services. Our work does not end once we deliver the software created for you. After the software has been handed over, our team of expert professionals will be completely involved in its maintenance and support. We ensure that customers do not go through any malfunctioning while using the technology provided to them. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and therefore, being available to you 24/7 is our prime duty.

Application Modernization

CODHOLICS believes that every technology needs up-gradation after a certain amount of time. Staying static is not what the world is looking for. This up-gradation allows companies to stay on top of each other. By constantly making you aware of the changes in the technological world, we give you a chance to have state-of-the-art technology and become more efficient with time.

Database Migration and Integration

In any organization, migration of data is very critical. This is a process that results in maximum loss of data. CODOHOLICS follows the ETL steps, that is, Extract, Transform and Load that ensures no loss of data and minimum down time. It also ensures good compatibility.