Xtreme Codes

The cutthroat competition in today’s world requires us to be exceptional at what we do, average is not what the world is looking for. Technology has come a long way. Individuals and businesses have come to depend on it to the extent that they are practically handicapped when they experience a glitch in their system.
Education is one part of the puzzle but training is what makes you perfect. Theoretically, you can learn everything but unless it is practically applied, it is as good as not having studied at all. To fulfill the purpose of providing education along with practical training, CODOHOLICS introduces a professional technology training program. This program can be introduced in colleges and institutions and help students prepare themselves for a challenging future.
Technological advancements are ongoing and they get more and more exciting as and when time passes. If you are one to learn new things and fulfill your dreams in this industry, then know that this training program has been built specifically for your benefit. Competency and expertise go hand in hand, for which you should strive to get qualified as a ‘CODOHOLICS certified professional’.
Xtreme Codes is a program that imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students willing to face challenges in the world of uncertainties and endless possibilities will achieve maximum benefits. The program varies from two days to one month. After the training, there will be a certification program that will qualify you as a ‘CODOHOLICS certified professional’.
Embarking upon a journey in the field of technology is everyone’s dream but not everyone survives it. CODOHOLICS has expert professionals who have put their minds together and built a program that will not only introduce you to how far we have come but also open your minds to the endless possibilities that you can be a part of. We provide you with a thorough training on Microsoft, Oracle, Java, Mobile and Database technologies.
Xtreme Codes is unlike any other technology related program. It has been created by some of the masterminds and will only result in creating more.