Mobile Services

Mobile phone applications have become the need of the hour. The need for real-time data has led today’s masses to become smartphone users. Different smartphones support different applications, which create a plethora of challenges. We, at CODOHOLICS, are technologically very well equipped to provide solutions for these aforementioned challenges.

We understand the importance of making your business flexible to ensure that you surpass consumer expectations. We build applications that will help you do business smoothly and in a very efficient manner. The fact that these applications enable the provision of real-time data and remain available at any time will lead to a higher level of efficiency that you have been looking for.

The emergence of smartphones has led to an upsurge in consumer expectations. The development of applications in both Android and iPhone handsets have changed the way the market functions. The penetration of 3G data services has increased the demand for smartphones, which in turn has led to an up rise in the need for application development.

To build a brand, marketers face challenges. CODOHOLICS aims to help you in every way possible and create a bridge that makes reaching out to customers a much easier process.

Services provided by CODOHOLICS

Businesses can use our expert team to develop websites that can be accessed on mobile phones. This will enhance user experience.
The development of e-commerce has led to the introduction of m-commerce. This allows businessmen to be available to customers at all times. A payment gateway will be integrated into the application allowing you to be better equipped than your competitors.
We also offer enterprise application development services. This involves businesses to have applications developed that will help in the operational processes of an organization

The platforms that we work on include:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile Apps